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Our values

Homemade 🧵
All the pieces are entirely handmade, in a traditional way in our workshop near Toulouse. A sewing machine, an overlock machine, an iron, pretty textiles selected with care, creativity and know-how. Without forgetting a lot of patience and the taste of things well done. Here are all the ingredients to create pretty accessories! 


UNIQUE pieces
The collections are made up of unique pieces or very small series for a unique interior. Good Mood Corner uses the principle of upcycling to create some of its pieces. This is how old sheets or unused clothes, but still in very good condition, are recycled to create pretty accessories. This is why some pieces are unique or made in very small series (2 or 3 pieces), because the raw material is limited. A unique interior, we told you!
Made in France
All our creations are imagined and manufactured in France, in theGood Mood Corner workshop in Blagnac, very close to Toulouse (31). This local production contributes to promoting the craftsmanship and the hand-made made in our country!
ECOLOGICAL commitment 🌱
Respect for the environment: Good Mood Corner works with respect for the environment and integrates ecology into all of its approach : the choice of raw materials first, but also suppliers, communication, packaging ...

100% natural materialsGood Mood Corner uses a maximum of 100% natural materials: linen, cotton, jute, cork… A rigorous selection is made of raw materials to favor quality, even if the price is higher. In addition, a maximum of fabrics are labeled OEKO-TEX®, a quality label, which certifies each stage of the treatment of the fabric: raw materials, threads, dyeing ... This label guarantees that the textile does not contain harmful chemicals. for health. 
Upcycled materials : The old Métis sheets of our grandmothers are combined with ethnic textiles and find a second life according to the principle ofupcycling. Likewise, clothes that are unused but still in very good condition are recycled to create pretty accessories. This is how some pieces are unique or made in very small series (2 or 3 pieces), because the raw material is limited.

Ecological packaging & communication:
- the cotton business cards are printed in cotton from recycled t-shirts
- the product labels are made in Germany, from recycled polyester and are OEKO-TEX® certified
- the maintenance cards and product composition labels are printed on 100% recycled paper
- the packaging (boxes and bags) are made from recycled kraft ...
- AND the parcels are sent by bicycle between the workshop and the post office! 

ETHICAL approach 💛
The choice of suppliers is an important step in the creation. Good Mood Corner rigorously selects the companies with which it works. Thus, we favor companies that work locally with small structures and women's cooperatives, with respect for craftsmen.
In addition, for each item purchased, € 1 is donated to the Enfants du Mékong association, which educates children in Southeast Asia. 1 € corresponds to a school day for a child. 
It's not much, but it's already a lot!
The partnership is historic since it was established from the launch of the brand. This is an association with which Estelle, the founder of GMC, went on a mission, as head of a student hostel in the Philippines for two years. She therefore knows the seriousness of the association and the concrete actions carried out on the ground. For more information, see the section on the Enfants du Mékong association.

Invitation to travel
Wax, batiks, shiboris ... Good Mood Corner mixes textiles from around the world, for sunny and graphic creations that will wake up your interior! They are a inexhaustible source of inspiration for Estelle the designer. For further, see the section on the story of Good Mood Corner.